As the leading expert in residential heating and cooling, we’ve earned the reputation of being the HVAC experts—so you don’t have to be. By partnering with Trane, we serve as a resource for your maintenance team so that HVAC is one less thing that you have to manage.  

We bring our expertise to you. Not only do we help you determine which equipment is right for your property, but our specialists are trained to keep you informed about changing government regulations and local codes.

Additionally, we are here to help you broaden your skill set with our diversified training sessions, manage your maintenance budget in the most effective way possible, and confidently communicate with property owners.

America’s Most Trusted HVAC System


At Trane, we design, build and test our own parts, putting them through weeks of continuous testing to ensure that your unit will perform in even the most extreme climates—all in an effort to maximize comfort for your residents, lessen the workload for your maintenance teams, and provide you with peace of mind. It is this unwavering passion that allows us to create the most innovative HVAC systems on the market, while maintaining the quality you expect from a Trane unit. All of this has led to our being named as America’s Most Trusted HVAC SystemTM four years in a row.

Transitioning from R-22


Because use of R-22 in HVAC systems is coming to an end (manufacturers were ordered to stop producing R-22 condensing units as of 2010), R-22 refrigerant will be 99.5% phased out in use in commercial and residential HVAC products by 2020. With that in mind, consider your three options: leave in place, convert, or replace. Leaving your HVAC system in place means that your aging system will require more maintenance, causing longer downtime and higher expenses. Converting to an alternative refrigerant will greatly affect operating efficiency and reliability. But by installing a new condensing unit, energy consumption will be reduced, maintenance expenses will be lessened, and resident satisfaction will increase. Additionally, you will keep your property value up.