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Healthier Homes Start Here.

More and more buyers want quieter, more efficient, and healthier homes. And we’ll help you build them. Leveraging the best in building science we use an innovative, whole-home approach with in-market dedicated service to deliver what both you and your customers want. Peace of mind.

From entry level zero-energy ready homes, to custom built dream homes, you can create the sanctuaries buyers demand at every price point with Trane systems and solutions. Our two-stage variable capacity heating and cooling equipment offers varying levels of heating and cooling output resulting in better humidity control, quieter operation, consistent indoor temperatures, and energy savings.  Energy Recovery Ventilators and advanced filtration make your homes healthier, more efficient and more comfortable. 

Your Trane representative will help you determine the best options for the homes you build and remodel.


Building a Healthier Home

A healthier home is one that has a proper ventilation strategy, the right combination of equipment, and a team to ensure that you deliver optimal air quality. This is best accomplished when the building envelope design is completed simultaneously with the mechanical design. We have in-market experts who can help you deliver this value to your customer.

Building a Hi-Tech Home

Today’s homes are all about the bells and whistles, and Trane’s high-efficiency and communicating systems can help make sure your homeowners have the smartest home on the block. From variable speed technology to connected controls, these upgrades can positively affect HERS scores, keep energy bills low, and allow homeowners to stay in the know whether they are at home or on-the-go.

Building a Dream Home

When building a dream home, there can be endless things to consider, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And while there are plenty of upgrades available to homeowners, one of the best investment opportunities can be in something you can’t necessarily see—home comfort. Trane has a system for all homeowner needs and upgrades to enhance their lifestyle.

Building a Healthier Home


Sixty percent of households are affected by indoor allergens—your homeowners shouldn’t have to be concerned about their family breathing air that contains pollutants. Fortunately, there are upgrades you can provide while building their dream home to help ensure you’re creating the healthiest environment possible. Our products electronically filter and monitor the indoor air quality and are designed to prevent and remove environmental problems like odor, mold, and mildew from arising in order to promote improved health.

Building a Hi-Tech Home

With today’s technology, you can be connected to everything—why not be connected to your home? From zoning to energy consumption, ComfortLink™ communicating technology connects all of a home’s key components, ensuring systems automatically configure and calibrate for optimal performance. With technology found in all of our connected controls and TruComfort™ variable speed systems, homeowners can monitor their HVAC system from anywhere in the world. If an issue arises, an independent Trane dealer can be alerted and even remotely diagnose, limiting potential callbacks and helping create the optimal home environment without the use of extra energy.

92% of customers who upgraded to a super high-efficiency system were satisfied with their purchase.

Building a Dream Home


Building a dream home is an exciting and often once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through the building process, make sure your homeowners are also investing in their family’s comfort and health with the full line of Trane systems and system upgrade options. From clean air to hi-tech homes, each month when your homeowners pay their utility bills and don’t suffer from allergies, they’ll be reminded of how efficiently their home is running.

At Trane, we’re passionate about creating comfortable home environments. So while you’re building someone’s dream home, partner with the most reliable. From our large dealer network with dedicated field service representatives to our top-notch customer service team, we provide individualized attention that is unrivaled.